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This is an overview of the marketing plan for the Nick Fundytus Team. It is an “integrated” plan in that it involves all of our team’s platforms and touchpoints to create a clear, cohesive experience to our clients and potential clients.


The main purpose of the integrated marketing plan is to create more closed sales for the team while decreasing time and money spent on marketing. This is accomplished by:

  • Having a clear plan for all types of touchpoints for clients and potential clients

  • Having a unified look, feel and message at all stages that is “on brand” for the team.

  • Repurposing marketing assets, where appropriate, to decrease duplication of work.

  • Creating consistency that will grow our audience, and in in turn grow our opportunities.

  • Having a clear plan to move “haven’t met” people to where they may become clients for our team to serve.

  • Marketing through service. By having high-quality, valuable and consistent touchpoints we increase the chances for satisfied clients, decrease duplication of work, decrease errors and missed steps, increase referral opportunities and positive reviews.

  • Documenting a plan for all activities so that they are easy to understand, repeatable and easy to execute by any team member.


Each point below should be linked to a wiki entry explaining how to execute the step, with examples where applicable. The stages of the plan are roughly matched with the client stages in our Follow Up Boss CRM.

Marketing to “Haven’t Mets”

  • Agent Locator

  • Beacon Hill Marketing Efforts

    • Beacon Hill Quarterly Market Update


    • Events

  • Condo Farm

  • Leveraging Listings

    • Door Hangers/Door Knocking

    • Open Houses

    • Postcards

    • Sign Calls

    • Social Media Campaigns

  • Facebook Ads

  • PPC Ads

  • YouTube PreRoll Ads

  • Agent Prospecting

Key Cross-Stage Marketing Materials

Converting Lead Stage

Nurture Stage for Unresponsive Leads

Hot, Warm and Cool Prospects

Active Clients

Conditional Purchase and Sale (deal stage, not a client stage)

Pending Clients

Closed Clients

Past Clients


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