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For full list, see the Administrative Assistant Position Duties List.


Every Morning. 9:00-9:30

  • Call Nick for morning check-in and accountability check with team.

  • Call agents for feedback from recent showings. Keep calling/emailing agents that have not yet given feedback. Note feedback in ShowingTime and on the client’s Feedback tab on their intake sheet.

  • Check email for must-do’s and act or prioritize, add to Monday to-do list and delegate if appropriate.

Every Morning 9:30-10:00

  • Social media posts on various channels.

Every Morning 10:00-11:00

Every Morning 11:00-11:30

  • Audit 5 records in Followup Boss and get Agent’s feedback to fill in missing items. If agent is unavailable, add these as a task on yours and agent’s to-do list.

Every Afternoon before leaving

  • Create schedule for tomorrow in calendar

  • Call Nick to plan for the day ahead

  • Add to-dos to Monday to-do list or agent’s to-do list


  • Collect feedback from the weekend’s open houses from our agents.


  • Open houses

    • Decide upon open houses for the upcoming weekend.

    • Confirm open houses with Seller clients

    • Assign agents to host open houses

    • Assign agents to put up open house toppers


  • Open houses - confirm that agents have put up open house toppers


  • Check searches for all of our active listings, and update the client’s market watch tab in their intake form.

  • Prepare notes for level 10 meeting


  • Chair recurring Level 10 meeting at 1:30 pm

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