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Description of the weekly emails and quarterly print updates. For a step-by-step guide, look in the how-to’s section of the Wiki.


The Weekly Content Roundup is an email that has a selection of short articles and videos intended to increase our repeat and referral business. This is accomplished by:

  • Reminding readers that we are active in Real Estate and available to help.

  • Positioning the author as an expert on Real Estate and Ottawa

  • Providing helpful tips

Who is it for?

These publications go to closed, past clients and sphere stages.

Difference to the WCR

The difference between the W&Q to the WCR is as follows:




Weekly Email + Quarterly Print Newsletter

Weekly Email

Who receives it (which stages)?

Closed, Past Clients, Sphere

Lead, Nurture, Fish, A, B, C, Active, Pending


To deepen existing relationships and encourage referrals.

To convert leads and nurture prospects and active clients. To spread awareness.

Types of Articles (examples)

Homeowner education

Client Events

Deal of the Week

Market Statistics

Things to do in Ottawa

Congratulations and Team Milestones

Homebuyer Education

Answering real questions

Nick Answers Reddit

Deal of the Week

Coffee With Karim

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