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This describes the key steps that a new Buyer Specialist will need to take when joining the team. These may also be documented in a board.


  • Review Buyer Specialist Contract and sign after discussion with Nick

  • Review Splits Sheet and after discussion with Nick.

  • Get your headshot updated by our team videographer

  • Create your personal database. You can use this format if you like.

  • Write out your goals

  • Apps and Tools (sign up and get familiar with)

    • LastPass - add to your Chrome Browser and start collecting work passwords

    • Google Suite

      • Gmail - log in to your account

        • Set up your email signature to coordinate with the team

        • Set up email forwarding from your previous account <external link>

      • YouTube - ask to be added as a contributor

      • Hangouts/Groups

      • Docs

      • Sheets

      • Meet

      • Calendar

        • Subscribe to team’s calendars and share yours

        • Set up recurring schedules

    • Wiki - Read the Onboarding section of our wiki for general training and understand those items as well as the Buyer Specialist-specific sections. Go ahead and browse the rest.

    • CRM - Follow Up Boss

      • Log in using your account

      • Download mobile app and sign in

      • Check that you have dialer set up and note the number

      • Set up your email signature and profile photo

      • Set up your smart lists

      • Check that you are set up with a Bombbomb integration for video emails.

      • Sign up for and complete Conversion University Course


      • Log in with your account

      • Download mobile app and sign in

      • Take a tour with our team to get familiar with boards

      • Add the address of your to-do board to your Gmail and mail on your phone

      • Complete the onboarding board.

  • Suggested Reading. We have a copy of all of these in the office.

    • SOLD by David W Greene

    • Prospect by Brian Icenhower

    • The High Performing Real Estate Team by Brian Icenhower

    • Exactly What to Say for Real Estate Agents by Phil Jones, Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin

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