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January 2022 - NEW Tagging system for auditing, SOI (Sphere of Influence), Permanent Database & profile information


SOI (Sphere of Influence) - everyone you have worked with as an agent and most, if not all of your Permanent Database. Will include clients you have helped that came in via the team’s leads, ads on listings, assigned to Nick from the brokerage but passed on to you.

Permanent Database - everyone you would take with you as an agent if you were to leave the team (friends, family, leads you brought in, leads assigned to you from the brokerage, leads from ads you paid for, leads from ads from your listings…etc)

Audited 20XX - This tag is only applied once a client’s profile is as complete as possible. You must have at bare minimum

  1. Client(s) name, phone #, email, current address

  2. Source (where did they come from? Referral? From who? Open House? Reddit? KV Core Lead?)

  3. Ranking

  4. Tags showing if they are invited to Tire Change Day, Pie Day

  5. Tags showing if they are to receive our newsletter and direct emails

More information that would ideally be included in their profile would be:

  • The price range they are looking in or selling in

  • a tag with the year they closed and moved

  • tags indicating if they are a gamer, dog lover …etc

  • their employment information listed in the “Background” section as well as any other personal information like relationships with other clients, children, pets, interests and more

  • The lawyer they used on their most recent purchase or sale

  • birthdays

  • move-in date

Nick’s tags

Nick’s SOI

Nick’s Permanent Database

Nick’s Friend

Nick’s Top 100

Karim’s tags

Karim’s SOI

Karim’s Permanent Database

Laura’s tags

Laura’s SOI

Laura’s Permanent Database

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