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When a Buyer’s Specialist has worked with a Buyer, you have to create a Sales Assistant Invoice for them to be paid their commission.

This is what our Sales Assistant Invoice looks like:

In order to fill this out, you need a Tradeprint. This is what a Tradeprint looks like:

The math you will need to do depends on the split in commission. Sometimes it is 25%, 50%, or 100% for rentals. Find out the split and do the following:

To calculate the Total Agent(s) Net Commission:

agent base - plan #1 - plan #4 = Total Agent(s) Net Commission

$11,625 - $500 -$1,162.50 = $9,962.50

To calculate the Share to Buyer Rep/SA:

divide the Total Agent(s) by the appropriate % split

(50% split) $9,962.50/2 = $4,918.25

this is also the same number that you will enter in to Sub-Total Buyer Rep/SA Commission

To calculate the HST:

multiply your “Share Amount” by .13

$4,918.25 X .13 = $647.56

To calculate Total Payment Buyer Rep/SA:

add your sub-total and HST amount together

$4,918.25 + $647.56 = $5,628.81

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