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American YouTuber Hefner has actually bought 4 sex dolls on Xmas Eve in 2020, as well as opened a YouTube channel-Jay Doll King Hefner (Jay Doll King Hefner) at the end of the year, sharing his every day life with sex dolls with netizens, each day Take turns taking different love dolls out, as well as claimed that her objective is to have at the very least 20 sex dolls.

According to the "Daily Star" record, Hugh Hefner, the founder of the American adult magazine "Playboy", declares to have hundreds of girlfriends, and this male YouTuber that refused to disclose his age dreamed of coming to be Hefner in the anime sex doll world., As well as altered his last name to Hefner. He has acquired 4 sex dolls considering that Christmas Eve last year. He typically uploads videos on YouTube concerning going out with the dolls or investing wonderful time at home.

Hefner described his love dolls as his women friends and also took various love dolls for a drive every day due to the fact that he assumed that being with these cheap sex dolls is far better than agreeing challenging humans, and there is no pressure at all. They can satisfy any one of my illusions! I must have had it!" Yet Hefner is not pleased with this. His future objective is to gather at least 20 love dolls from different brand names as well as races, as well as declare that he is functioning To deal with culture's stigmatization of sex dolls, "There can just be one human companion. As for the dolls, I desire as lots of as I want."


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