The imbalance in the ratio of Men vs Women Market has been achieved. It's the "Sex Doll" Market {{ currentPage ? currentPage.title : "" }}

Because of China's preference for having boys, and the policy of family planning, the ratio of males to women is not balanced which has led to a booming market for sex dolls.

A few people refer to silicone sex dolls, also known as TPE mini sex doll as follows: "She" has a perfect body and pair of unmoved eyes sitting quietly on the mattress. "She" is one of the everyday needs of a lot of "lonely guys" who live in China. In an adult shop in Shenzhen the sexually explicit doll is sold for around 7000 dollars.

Xiao Zhi, one of the thousands of customers, has a sex doll. As with millions of Chinese consumers, the 28-year-old Xiaozhi left the city of Henan for the pursuit of his goals in the province of Guangdong in the south. Guangdong. While working in Guangdong, he was a single man. He was only able to go back to his home town to see his wife at the time of the holiday. He doesn't want to hurt her, yet he also needs for himself to meet his physical as well as physical requirements. Therefore, he borrowed about a month's worth of money to purchase realistic sex dolls.

According to the ALDOLL adult-oriented shopping website, annual revenue of China's adult product industry have reached twenty billion US dollars. And life sexuality dolls make up only a fraction of it. However, for Liu Lan, the boss of the sex-doll company the country's gender imbalance has resulted in the sex market becoming an extremely popular market.

According to the latest survey on sex ratios the present ratio of males to women is approximately 116:100. This is more than the norm of 100:107. The result is the fact that women are scarce. Liu Lan said: "Many young Chinese males are unable to find a woman and then get married. They therefore choose to use flat chested sex doll."

But, for Xiaozhi an teen sex doll with no soul is unable to fully support him. He was blunt: "A perfect sex doll is the result of advanced mathematical calculation, however real people are always more attractive than cheap sex dolls because real people think they express their emotions and can respond to your behavior.

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