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A man from China (name is not available) has been reported to have been married to an sex doll because the patient was suffering from cancer. According to reports, the man opted to get married to a doll since he didn't want to leave a widow devastated and was crying over the loss of his wife. The newlyweds received a variety of sweet wedding photographs snapped in a variety of romantic poses. In one photograph the bride was dressed in a stunning white gown and in another the bride was dressed in a pink dress that was embellished with precious stones as well as sequins.


Synthetic Love with Wife And Mistress


Davecat believes in the concept of synthetic love and is known for living with his mistress and wife who are both dolls. He purchased his future spouse, Sidore Kuroneko, online for $6,000. She is very soft made of silicone and has fake tongue. Davecat as well as Sidore haven't been legally married. However, they both have wedding rings that are identical, featuring the words "Synthetik (sic) love is eternal". The couple is planning a wedding ceremony to mark their 15th anniversary. Elena Vostrikova is Davecat's mini sex doll girlfriend and was purchased in 2012. Three of them currently reside in the southeast of Michigan in a single-bedroom home.


If we were to create an inventory of those with a committed partnership with these cheap sex dolls it will take a lot more time than you think. No matter if you're a man or woman, everyone is searching for a wide variety of realistic sex dolls in Arizona and around the world to meet love and friendship. If you are in a romantic relationship with a doll are not only in the decision to love them, but they also perform the same routines as have with a real-life companion. For instance, Senji Nakajima, a married Japanese man, is known to take his doll Saori out for walks and to shop. With a silicone sex doll at your side, you can also enjoy a fulfilling life similar to these real-life doll owners.

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