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You can position your cheap sex doll in any position you like. Are you familiar with the flat chested sex doll's full range of movement? We will show you how to move her without causing damage to her joints or making unsightly skin rolls.




Your sex doll's head has a variable tilt. You can move it forward, sideways or in a "NO!" motion. The tilt angle should not exceed 30 degrees.




The shoulders also have a natural rotation, allowing for full front and back movement just like a person. The elbow also has a functional joint, as you can see. It is important that you know that the upper arm can not raise more than 80 degrees to one side and 75 degrees to the other.




Here is where the fun begins. Many mini sex doll don't have complex flexing points such as the forearms and hands. The forearm should not be tilted more than 60 degrees. Also, her wrist should not be rotated more than 45° in left-right motion and 65° in vertical tilt.




The legs appear to be moving as real as they can, but the thighs cannot rise more than 100° to the front or 70° to the sides.




Also, the knee should bend at a regular angle. It is important to remember that the knee cannot be bent in any direction more than 45 degrees. The ankle must not be tilted more than 45 degrees in front.




You know that you want to doggy-style with your baby. The waistline will not extend beyond 30 degrees.

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