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Myth number 1 - Pregnant sex dolls can be made differently


This myth is easy to disprove as it has no basis whatsoever. All sex dolls are made in the same way, male and female. A doll that is shaped like a pregnant woman's body is the same. A pregnant doll is just as common in doll manufacturing, with some dolls having large breasts and others with chiselled pecs.



Myth number 2 - Buying a pregnant doll to sex is different from buying a cheap sex doll that is not pregnant


This is another myth. You should never buy sex dolls with pregnant shapes. Always shop from a trusted retailer and do your research before you make your purchase. When it comes to the appearance of your doll's appearance, you will have the same customization options as the rest, including choosing the hair colour, eye colour, and breast size. You can also expect your teen sex doll to be made from the same high-quality materials. You should also look out for silicone and TPE along with a metal framework.


Myth number 3 - Pregnant sex toys are only for men


It is not true! Another myth we can easily disprove. There are no rules regarding who can or cannot enjoy a pregnant doll. You can enjoy this doll regardless of gender, whether you are male, female, or non-binary.


Myth number 4 - It is not comfortable to have sexual contact with a pregnant sex doll


We're going ahead and calling BS on this myth. Your doll will naturally have rounder stomachs, but that's no different than choosing a doll with large breasts. Your doll can be moved to a position you like, such as standing against a wall or in the tub, shower, chair, or lying down.


A pregnant doll can use the same rules as a non-pregnant doll to have sex with. This includes making sure your doll is not left in the same place for too long. Also, don't put too much weight on the doll as it can cause damage to the metal skeleton.


Myth 5 - It's strange to want a pregnant doll for sex


This myth is also false. Different body types are attractive to us all. We also have different kinks. It doesn't mean you are weird if you like the pregnant body. This is just a sign that you are aware of the capabilities of the female body.


Myth 6 - You can hurt or damage a pregnant sex doll


A pregnant doll will not feel pain or discomfort while having sex. You are free to be as rough as you want and can have as many sex as you wish. The flat chest sex doll will not feel any pain, it's a myth. So have fun and be guilt-free.


Myth 7: It is wrong to feel ashamed that you want a pregnant doll for sex


Another myth. There's nothing to be ashamed of when you buy a anime sex doll. The doll maker won't judge you because it's your doll. It's up to you whether you share your sexy doll preferences with friends or family.

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