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Artists can be highly influential in their own way. They are real and their utter focus on the smallest particulars of things will amaze even those who don't know anything about the art of. They may not be very good at writing but they're great at photography. Many people believe that artists only use pictures to explain the phenomenon and the outcomes are usually much more persuasive than words.


June Korea, a young photographer from South Korea, has started his photography career by photographing Eva his beloved sex doll (Eva) in the year 2001. He began making use of "her" photos to show his thoughts and inner world.


The emotional connection to Eva


Eva's name was selected by FedEx. The name is not as easy as it appears to be on the surface. It is a reference to "forever", to express his belief that the mini sex doll can live for ever. He once stated the possibility that even in case he dies in the midst of old years, Eva will still live as its beauty will remain within this love-doll. If we didn't know what he means, we could conclude that June is hoping that Eva is real that has lived a tough life along with him.


Eva is shown as lonely, melancholic, isolated from the world and usually sad. A love doll she embodies these emotions forcefully. It's a reflection of specific groups. Someone has had to deal with complex relationships, and it is evident that he's become a stranger to the world and was left in an unspoken loneliness.


From the photographs of his past, he's famous for his photos from abandoned dolls. It's a very emotional start. The choice he made to capture the anime sex doll that was abandoned shows the depth of his feelings. In the absence of lenses to convey this story, he employed Eva to capture. Prior to that, he'd been searching for a solution for all this.


As with many other artists June is adamant that his work is based on his own life. The sadness, loneliness feelings of alienation, melancholy, and loneliness portrayed by the image are a result of his personal experiences. He tells the story of his life to the world at large in a language only he understands and it is tragic.


June utilizes her love doll to demonstrate that cheap sex dolls are much more important than just lying around meaningless and empty and used for sexual pleasure. He tried create a sense of belonging and life by permitting Eva to be a part of these photos.

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