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It's easy to think of things to buy for a female doll. There are tons of sex doll accessories especially thought to enhance the experiences with them. Show your doll (and yourself) some love and have an even better experience with the 30 sex doll accessories for male sex dolls below! 1. Hard Storage Case bbw sex doll case joy love dolls If you want your doll lover to be with you for a long time, or if you wish to take him with you on long trips, a hard storage case is the best option for your doll.

The case will keep your doll safe and fresh; plus no one will suspect you are carrying your passionate love doll with you. If you do think of traveling with your doll, check our article on "Is Possession Of A Sex Doll A Crime?" to make sure you won't get in trouble for bringing your doll with you. Buy Now With Special Discount! 2. Hook And Bolts For Storage Hook And Bolts For Storage The second best choice to keep your doll stored for a long time is to keep him suspended in a well-ventilated space.

Shoving your male sex doll in a closet crammed among other items might deform him over time. So a set of hooks and bolts to suspend your doll is a great investment to make sure your flat chested sex doll stays longer with you. Buy Now With Special Discount! 3. TPE Glue Sex Doll Accessories TPE Glue Over time, it's normal for a TPE doll to suffer cuts and tears; especially with extended use (we know you love to have fun with your doll!). In this sense, it's very advisable to have near you a small bottle or two of TPE glue. Remember, this glue is actually an acid; handle it carefully. More on this subject in our article about How To Use TPE Glue.

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