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Before we dive into the debate about silicone vs. TPE sex toys, let's first talk about how they are made.


Silicone Sex Dolls


Silicone dolls are made from liquid silicone. The silicone is initially ineligible for any shape, size or color. It sits in a large barrel.


Not so sexy, right? Wait.


The liquid silicone is then pumped through special tubes and immediately put into an injection chamber. To give the silicone a more natural-looking skin tone, color is added. Finally, the silicone is pressed into a mold. It becomes a beautiful and stunning sex doll once the silicone has set.


TPE Sex Dolls


TPE dolls are typically made from a granulated TPE. The granules go through an injection chamber and special extruder unit. The material is then processed through a unique extrusion and molding process that forms the TPE doll.


Although the process may not seem very glamorous, it is what you get that counts.


Silicone Sex Dolls vs. TPE Sex Dolls - Which Is Better?


TPE dolls appear to be the dominant teen sex doll in the world. TPE life like sex doll are very soft, flexible, and realistic looking. They are more flexible and bounce back better during sexual intercourse, which may explain why TPE dolls are becoming increasingly popular in the industry.


There are many advantages to silicone sex dolls. They look more realistic than TPE dolls and are better at handling heat. Additionally, silicone parts for sex dolls can look more real than TPE cheap sex doll. TPE dolls can become moldy if they aren't cleaned properly and promptly.

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