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We have compiled a list of key points to help you take care of your dolls so that they live for many more years.




Make sure your sex dolls have a clean and well-powded environment. You can use neutral-scent baby powder, or any other variant that has a particular scent.


Maintain your doll dry. After each use, you should proactively clean your sex doll. However, it is important to dry it afterwards. You should be aware that moisture can build up in the doll's interior so you don't forget to check.


When not in use, expose the private parts of your sex to air. Make sure that no moisture or water vapour remains in the orifices.


To ensure safety, use a condom for sex that contains fluid.


A small spray bottle works great for partial cleaning. Mix 1:5 soap to water.




To prevent skin tearing, always use a water-based lotion when sexually using the anal, vaginal and oral canals.


Only use water-based lubricants. Your mini sex doll's skin can be damaged by silicone or petroleum-based lubricants.




Begin by wiping off any excess body fluid or lubricant with a soft towel.


Do not let your doll's head get wet in the shower.


Take off the wig and wash it separately.


Place your big tits sex doll on towels and then use a spray bottle containing soap (preferably sulfate-free) and warm water to gently massage its skin.


To remove any excess moisture, dry the doll with a towel after washing. Avoid using a blow dryer, as too much heat can cause skin damage.

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