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Globalization. It doesn't matter if you love it or not, it is one of the reasons that you can get a TPE or silicone love doll at such a low price.




Over the past decades, China and the West have become more open to one another. This has created many opportunities for both sides. China's West is now a major market. As it is called, the workshop of the world has evolved from producing third-rate plastic toys into some of the most sought after products in the world: iPhones to, yes, sex dolls.


Despite all the complaints from the west about China's competition, many things are still not as accessible or as good as they are in China. China is home to the majority of the world's top sex doll manufacturers. Many of the finest dolls in the world are made there. (Just look at the one to the left).


However, some people may be a bit nervous about buying sex dolls directly from China. It seems risky to purchase something so expensive from such a distant country.


If you choose a trusted supplier of cheap sex dolls, you will be able to order the doll you desire. There are two possible outcomes: the mini sex doll can be lost or damaged during transit. In both cases, the courier will pay the cost. This, although unlikely, can happen anywhere on the planet.


What is the alternative?


The doll will already have been shipped from China if you are a US resident and purchase a Chinese sex toy doll at a local store. The silicone sex doll must travel an additional distance to get from the retailer to your house by doing so. You will almost certainly be the one to pay for this journey.


This could add a few hundred dollars to the cost of shipping to the US. However, if the doll is shipped to London, it could cost you even more.


It makes more sense to order directly from China if you look at it that way. The savings could be used to buy an additional head.

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