What's It Feel Like To Have Sex With A Sex Doll? {{ currentPage ? currentPage.title : "" }}

I was just answering that question over at Quora, when I realized that there are probably a lot of people that visit my site that have never owned sex dolls before and wonder the same thing. So, let me be very direct and honest with you ... It feels AWESOME!!!

This is by far the most fuckable flat chested sex doll I've ever seen! It's the # 1 best seller right now on BestRealisticSexDolls.com and seeing this picture you know why:-) Getting busy with a high-quality big booty sex doll is sooooo much better than just jerking off. The one I spent $500 on is perfect for both doggy style and missionary and it is an incredible improvement over boring old plain masturbation.

I mean, let's think about this for a moment ... Would you rather turn to Commander Right Hander when you're feeling turned on, or FUCK THE SHIT out of this? 100% rhetorical question, right?

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