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Reasonable charm silicone TPE sex dolls, ... genuine person version, voice, different face forms for you to select ... This is an obtaining ad published by Mr. Chen in the WeChat circle of friends in China. He established this sex doll experience hall, two days later It will formally open in Zhengzhou, China. Spruce up the sex doll as a genuine individual, and after that offer services to consumers.

This type of job is called "Sex Doll Experience Hall" in the industry. It initially showed up in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and afterwards slowly appeared in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and various other cities. For a while, lots of interested individuals went to "early adopters".

Problems in operation: The legality of the procedure of the mini sex doll experience facility has constantly been a concern. The factor is that it gives sex-related services. Many individuals connect it with "hooking".

Some netizen that read the legislation claimed that according to our nation's legislation, the sale of prostitution stresses that it is an all-natural person with a living body, which have to happen between 2 individuals, and sex dolls are toys and also are not natural individuals in the legal sense, so they can not According to this charge to manage. As a new thing, the sex doll experience facility has yet to be seen in its organization version, as well as there is certainly no clear legislation and also law to manage its habits.

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