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A sextoy must have been used by someone who has an STI, and it must not have been properly cleaned before it is sold sex dolls for purchase. It's not like the sex toys give you an STI.


Female animals in the animal kingdom tend to choose strong men. This can increase the chance of their offspring surviving. Men also try to spread their genes but they only do this once a year. Humans are a special species that is in heat all year. Beautiful girls will surround many boys. Surprisingly, not all of them are interested in the wedding. Many of them want to use the realistic sex dolls as a sex drive tool.


If he is under 160 cm in height, significant pressure could result in rupture of his vertebral column. His little feet and toes will be exposed to the hazards of sharp objects in your house if he doesn't have socks, stockings, or shoes. Even though it won't walk around the house alone like a horror movie possessed custom sex doll, silicone can make things worse when there is friction between two people wearing silicone. These "things", can also reach his fingers and hands. You can protect its feet but you cannot do much if you move your doll around for long periods of time. It might help to push his hands into a fist, but it's only temporary.


This life is too difficult for anyone to live alone. Even if there is no sex or intimacy, we all need someone to talk to, hug and place our heads on at night. These are where realistic sex dolls can come in handy. They can provide comfort and support if you feel so exhausted by the time you get back home. They will give you a shoulder to cry on and make you feel loved. You don't have to be with that special person, but big booty sex dolls are able to step in.

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