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How do you take care of your model?


Maintaining your silicone sex doll requires regular cleaning to ensure that she looks good and also taking precautions to avoid the possibility of damage and extend her life. A mini sex doll is an investment that will last for a lifetime, it is intended to last you for many years Here are some suggestions to enhance the longevity of your doll.


Make sure the doll is cleaned after each use.


If your doll is an adolescent vagina, cleaning could be easy or lengthy. But, cleaning your new friend is the most efficient way to maintain her. After playing with the teen sex doll, you should remove the vagina and wash it on its own while wiping the remainder of the doll with an unclean cloth. For dolls that do not have vaginas that are removable, simply put them on a towel and then clean the entire item.


You can also buy the Smart Cleaning Kit to disinfect and clean your dolls. Learn more details here.


Take the head and the wig off and wash the wig and head separately. Make sure you use recommended cleaning solutions and avoid using cleaning products that could irritate skin or cause damage to the fabric of your big-ass sex doll. Make sure that they are dry after you have cleaned them.


Make sure to check the doll frequently to ensure there is no damage.


One of the easiest maintenance suggestions on your pet is keeping your doll out of danger. Also, be sure to check for issues when cleaning it to ensure that the doll is in good working order. Cheap sex dolls that are cracked or broken can inflict harm on yourself or the house, and microorganisms that cause illness can spread disease during sexual contact.

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