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It is viewed by some as a toy sex doll and others as their soulmate. Why?


This is because the sex toys can offer the man something that the woman cannot. Playing is safe and easy. There are no risks, no yelling or pregnancy issues. There is no risk and no responsibility. Why not? Why not?


I have no idea what the girls think randomly. Just a quick sentence to add: If you can satisfy your man you can make him happy and comfortable in bed every night. I don't mind if a man cheats or finds a spiritual partner.


Many problems are not caused by women. The male side is my responsibility.




I am 28 years old and have been married for one year. My wife is a doctor, and she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. I am currently a graduate student. I have two sex toys, both of which were purchased from ALDOLL. The first is an Asian Chinese sex doll, which I took after my wife took care of it. The clothes belonged to my wife. The second doll is an in-stock USA doll. It was purchased in college.


First, don't put the blame on the title owner. Because cheap sex dolls can be expensive and simulate well, it's not unusual for the title owner of the title to blame her husband.


This could be why a wife feels uncomfortable when her husband is having sex. It is important to understand how a wife feels when she sees her husband having sex in public with another woman.


My wife also stated that her husband sex with the same teen sex doll as her was very unsettling and guiltful.


The normal dimensions of sex toys are 140cm and 158cm respectively. There are also some 100cm and 135, respectively. Child sex dolls do not have faces. These dolls are legal and you can rest assured that they will be purchased.


The majority of the 158cm and165cm (5ft5) sex toys weigh over 30kg or more. You can buy a doll for younger sex if you need it to be lighter. The average 140cm doll is around 22kg, while the majority of the 148cm dolls are about 22kg. A few mini sex dolls are lighter at 18 kilograms.


Let's get back to the original question. There is nothing that can be solved between husbands and wives by communication. It has nothing to do the love of sex between the husbands and their use of sex dolls for pleasure.


I read both the response of a young mother, as well as the thoughts of the audience. I now feel that my wife has become quite educated. The husband is only trying to fulfill his needs, and not to treat an abnormal mental condition like mine.


You don't have to feel guilty about having sex. Both husbands and wives are entitled to sexual pleasure. Joy is shared by both spouses. Please communicate with your husband if you don't love these child sex dolls, or if you have any other objections. Couple sex communication is crucial.

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