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You can visit their Sex Doll Brothel if you are planning a trip to Spain, France, Russia and Finland. Your trip will be unforgettable, I promise!But before you go to any mini sex doll shop, I strongly recommend that you know the basics of what they are made of. You will make better decisions if you have the right information.


Article: What are Sex Dolls Made Of?


BBC News Reporter Visits a Brothel. Sofia Bettiza, BBC News, traveled with her crew to Turin (North Italy) to visit a brothel that was filled with sex dolls.Clients pay 80 euro per 30 minute to be able to interact with lifelike silicone creatures in this brothel. They can have their hair colored and have different body shapes.

Clients say spending time with a doll makes them feel more fulfilled than being a prostitute. Clients aren't judged for their fantasies, desires, or looks by dolls.Bettiza was told by a customer that this is not cheating because there are no emotions involved.


Brothel That Sells Magic


Christopher, the manager, said, "We sell magic", when he spoke of the cheap sex dolls that were sold to satisfy clients' needs.


According to him, clients are mostly straight men in their thirties. However, gay men, women, and sometimes couples also visit the lifelike sex doll colony.


Some customers won't make the effort to talk to women or make the effort to be polite. Christopher says that it's all about having fun and stress relief. However, some sex workers are worried.


Luis, a male chauffeur, said to Bettiza that his business was no more after the opening of the sex doll brothel in Turin. Marikah, a dominatrix, is for the sex doll brothels and says it's a "completely new experience."

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