I'm sorry, it was sad to say goodbye to sex with my doll {{ currentPage ? currentPage.title : "" }}

Sometimes, I miss her. She is definitely my favorite person. We were not compatible despite a year of good conversation and sex. He also didn't respect me as a professional. On the religious front, he was a bit closer-minded than I had expected.


When it comes to love regret is not worth it so I don’t think about it as often. I got married and moved on. Now, I have a child and will let her sexuality unfold as it pleases.


She is my support, and I will be there for her.


Teen sex doll is not a problem.


A normal person would still say that it is unhealthy to own a mini sex doll of sex. You can see the hatred in Yuri Tolochko’s social media. Everybody seems to believe that owning a cheap sex doll of sex is a disqualifying factor in "normal" relationships or that it makes you a loser to humanity.


That's nonsense.


Owning a sex doll can make you vulnerable to ridicule and judgment from others. When they don't know anything about the community, people make assumptions about it. Fear rules, as always, over people with similar interests.


It's their internalized shame or guilt that makes it difficult for them to have relationships with other people.


This is what we must change.

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