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I also suggest buying various clothes for her. This has been a learning experience. It's been a bit of a hit and miss but I'm beginning to think I've mastered it.


One of the best places to purchase apparel is ASOS. You can search for clothes using an array of options such as color, brand size, style, etc. They also have an measurement guide that I used by entering my mini sex doll's measurements and it was clear that she was an 8.


(My doll is 5ft6). If you have shorter cheap sex dolls, they offer the Petite range as well. Another advantage for ASOS is that the prices are affordable too.


The one mistake I made in clothes was purchasing some black leather items, such as the black mini skirt in leather. It's not recommended. My first doll was found with black staining on her legs.


It was able to be removed with cleaners for teen sex doll. There are instances when clothes you purchase for her isn't fitting even if it is a good fit. Are these dolls because they have their own thoughts? !


After you've chosen the clothes, fitting them is a different learning curve. A good trick I've found is that when I'm placing something with sleeves she should hold her hands in mine , and then place my hand inside the sleeves along with hers.


This is a way to protect the hand, making it much easier to slide her hand into the sleeve.


Her Feet Are Deserving of High-Quality Shoes


When I'm discussing clothes, I'd also like to talk about shoes. I bought a pair of black high-heels. They fit nicely however it's a shame that they're not able to stand up with heels. We hope that someone can find an answer to this issue in the near future.


It's time to wash. I had trouble standing her in the bath to take washing. The reason for this is that she'd slide around and I was concerned about her studs soles scratching the ceramic.


This was resolved by buying the bath mat made of rubber. Problem solved. She now is firmly fixed every time I place at the bottom of the tub. It reminds me of something that happened after I bought my new mini sex doll. I had positioned her in the bath, looking towards the shower.


I had to let her go for a short time before I was able to hear a huge crash. I ran to the upstairs room at lightning speed to find that her feet were sliding backwards, and she lay face down in the bathtub! This was an absolute nightmare. Luckily, she did not suffer any injuries but I've learned my lesson.


I also suggest putting her into as many roles as is possible. It can result in keeping me interested. Sometimes I forget I moved her, and when I return to the room, I feel an enjoyable buzz.

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