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What is that one thing that makes the relationship between lovers truly special? 'Intimacy,' the fact that as someone whom you love, you can open up to them about anything. Of course, with time when your relationship starts to unfold, when you are able to trust, the emotional intimacy and the capacity to be transparent to your partner, takes the relationship to a whole new dimension.

We would dare to say that such a relationship is blissful and has the capacity to endure and establish a lasting bond. As a husband when you want to take the lead to bring in a mini sex doll into your relationship with your wife, this is possible when the bond and the intimacy between the both of you is favorable. There could be many reasons why you as a husband would feel the need to have a sex doll in your marriage, prominently when you want your wife to be acceptable of this fact but remember that the new entrant would change the chemistry, so let the influence be 'a drive' that you both find emotionally or even physically satisfying.

If you love your wife & want that things between the both of you remain as good as they have been or rather only get better, than begin by having a conversation with your wife about your evolved desires and needs. Let your emotions, with conviction soak into her heart to eventually open up to the idea that having a flat chested sex doll in your marriage can do a whole lot good to you as a couple.

The dynamics of your relationship with your wife must not shift, it may feel like, by keeping it discreet 'your relationship with your sex doll' your chemistry with your wife will be the same (this applies to couples, deeply involved and emotional for each other) but the positive impact a sex doll can have on you will instantly be noticed by your wife, this will make her thoughtful, hence it is crucial that she should know and be accepting about your decision to have a sex doll in your marriage.

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