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Sex doll brands are described as diverse which makes it difficult for those who are new to the field to pick. Europe as well as Europe, the United States and Japan are the main sources of sexual toys. The advancement of mini sex doll is relatively modern. In the group, REALDOLL and OT are major foreign brands, however the price of over 100,000 yuan is prohibitive. Actually, as the market is growing in China the technology behind real dolls is approximately identical to that of international brands. China is a major exporter of dolls for sex, China's love doll brands are classified into three categories: predominantly all-TPE bbw sex dolls all-silicone sex dolls , and hybrid sex dolls made of TPE heads and silicone bodies.


There are a lot greater TPE cheap sex doll makers than manufacturers of silicone sex dolls. Today, the most famous large manufacturers of TPE genuine dolls advanced in their technological advancements and their quality of their products can be assured. For Xiaobai make sure you pay attention to the confirmation video of inspection before you purchase, and make sure what you see is the same as what you receive. All silicone brands, including EX, artificial human, etc. are good as they are priced suitable to you? If you're looking for a product with a good simulation, and at a low cost, the new ALDOLL Doll should be a suitable option.


Beginning as blow-up dolls they evolved into humanoid characters we have now. They were once stuffed dolls with cloths, inflating and slow-moving inflatable sex dolls. And today, they're silicone and TPE-based sex dolls which resemble real human. But the advancement hasn't stopped there. In fact the industry of sex dolls is becoming increasingly advanced. The most recent invention points towards artificial intelligence-based sex dolls.


Presently, the life-like Irontech teen sex doll already look like real human beings in appearance. In the near future the love dolls will possess fake emotions and behaviors as well as be closer to real human beings. But that does not mean that silicone or TPE sexual dolls like we have as they are today will not exist in the near future. In fact, they'll become better as they provide more options. In other words, a sex doll owner could buy many love dolls, each having distinct features.

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