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The only part of the body where water (or other substances) is able to enter the doll's body , is the joint between neck and head. Be aware of this when you have to wash or clean your ALDOLL life like sex doll. If you have an sex doll with joints, there's no issue even if it's only a shower, however it is advised to avoid putting it in tubs. If water enters the sex doll, its skeleton (made of steel) could be damaged. In the worst scenario it could cause the skeleton to fail (fracture).


Eliminate Perfume

You can scent your beloved doll with any scent you find in the market.

When you're not making use of ALDOLL anime sex doll

ALDOLL Sex doll, you should wash the area on your skin where you applied the fragrance.


Remove Make-up


There are many doll owners who wish to alter the appearance of their beloved dolls and see the change in their appearance, however they fear that they'll damage the actual doll's appearance. Before making-up changes the old makeup must be taken care to remove. At our shop, we apply silicone paint to create dolls that sex. Made to last, however, do not scrub or wash too much. Take special care of the eyebrows, face and eyelashes since they can be difficult to fix when they are damaged. It is possible to apply cosmetics such as blush and lipstick on your beloved doll, but be careful not to use any product that is too heavy or oily as it can be difficult to get rid of. When you are removing the doll's makeup, you can use an easy makeup remover to take it off delicately.


If you're looking to completely cleanse you cheap sex doll, we recommend showering it. Don't wash the beck or the head.


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