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A sociological expert cautioned that as singles who are lonely started to ditch traditional social interactions and opt for AI robots as their sex dolls, the gradual advancement in smart dolls for sex might cause a drop in the rate of births worldwide and eventually raise the overall population in the world. Cut back.


Of them, Japan in Asia is the most typical example. With the decreasing number of newborns born in the country, the population of its own is shrinking rapidly as well. Japanese are now considered to be an "endangered species."


In 2018, 920,000 newborns were born in Japan which is a drop of 25,000 from the previous year. According to the statistics this is the lowest figure since records started in the year 1899. About 1.3 million people perished in the same year, meaning that Japan's population dropped by 400,000.


Professor. Kate Devlin, a senior lecturer in the field of social and human-computer interaction in King's College London and a expert in the area of AI, has warned that smart sexual dolls could exacerbate this issue.


"Dr. Devlin told the Daily Star: "In a country like Japan, loneliness is a serious social problem, and people worry that robots will make the situation worse."


"Now AI has "partners". If you are interested in purchasing robots, they're usually searching for a partner from the opposite gender."


In the year 2018 an upcoming documentary titled "Substitutes" aired on Russia Today exposed the increasing popularity of smart cheap sex dolls. The film explored the way these life-size dolls helped to alleviate a sense of alienation and loneliness.


Sex dolls' importance are not exclusive to Japan and its popularity has exploded across the globe.


According to the company that makes sex dolls, Dutch Wives, in 2018 all by itself, Japan sold 2,500 smart sexual dolls, each valued at 40000 Yuan.


Noburu Tanaka who is a salesperson of mini sex doll told me: "It's a wonderful feeling. It's like a anime sex doll, however you're feeling like real people. There are some issues as you interact with each the other every day. However, with time they aren't significant any more."


Kanako Amano, a population expert from The Tokyo NLI Research Institute, stated: "The biggest problem in Japan is the decrease in birth rates and the population. This is a catastrophe for Japan as well as a warning to the world at large. Japan is in a state of crisis. Japanese have reached a crossroads and at risk of being extinct. Threatened."

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