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People have more expectations and fantasies about sex toys in this era of growing popularity. People want sex dolls that can fulfill their sexual desires and expand in function. Artificial intelligence is the current hottest trend. Machine learning can help artificial intelligence replace some of the human brain behaviors. How will artificial intelligence be integrated into bbw sex doll?


Artificial intelligence makes cheap sex dolls more like real girls. The sex doll with artificial intelligence can learn more by receiving more data training. She is able to think more clearly, accept human language, and be more self-learning.


Sex dolls can help you to express your feelings


If the mini sex doll is equipped artificial intelligence and a human psychological data model to help it understand your mood, it will automatically scan your facial expressions. You can let go of your worries and have her soothe your pain through music, dance and dialogue. It's like finding the perfect partner in your life and someone you can talk to who will listen to you.

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