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What are the safety precautions when taking bathing with a real love doll?


1. In relation to knots' types Make sure that water doesn't get into the body.


Sex dolls generally come with a joint, also known as the "joint" on their neck that lets their head be taken off. If you place this joint in a tub, it's possible that the interior of your doll's body will get submerged, which can cause the metal to rust and break bones. If you have a bbw sex doll with joints, you should be cautious not to bathe over your shoulders.


Furthermore to that, if it's self-supporting doll metal parts might be embedded into the soles of feet, allowing it to be able to stand up by itself. The part could be rusty when it comes it comes into contact with hot water, or lead to water getting into the body. Therefore, lovers dolls that have self-reliant metal parts that are embedded in their feet must stop taking baths together, or , if needed, wrap their feet in vinyl to stop them from touching hot water.


2. Avoid Bath salts with colors that appear dark in color.


Isn't it relaxing taking an aromatic bath salts? But, if you are bathing with a loved one make sure to avoid bath salts that cause darkening of the water. The reason is that the body of the doll could be stained by dyed bath salts. Should I paint the face of a gorgeous real doll using the color of green and blue bath salt, then I'll shake. Furthermore, the skin color of a doll who has been dyed just once can never return to its original hue no regardless of how many times it's washed. It is best to avoid bath salts in order to keep from regret.


3. Don't overheat the hot water.


If you are bathing with a cheap sex doll first make sure not to excessively heat your water. Particularly, the resistance to heat from TPE love dolls isn't like silicone.


The temperature of hot water should be maintained between 30degC and 33degC in the case of TPE and 35degC in silica gel. It can feel warm to human beings However, you must be careful not to cause melting or deformation to your beloved mini sex doll.


4. Be careful not to use too much pressure on your skin while washing your face.


If you are cleaning the body of a sex doll, ensure that you don't rub the skin with towels. The skin of the love dolls is delicate, and hard rubbing using a towel could damage the skin. If you are washing them, it's ideal to gently massage the shower gel with the palms of your hands instead of using towels. It is possible to hit a doll inside the restroom, which can cause scratching or malfunctions. Be careful when handling it.


5. We advise the body to apply a mild acid shower gel


Based on the material used, the body of a sex dolls may slowly release oil, referred to as "oil oozing", which can cause people to feel as if they're squeaking. A little care can reduce the squeak to some extent but it's nearly impossible to eliminate 100%. It is possible to wash your beloved doll with a strong cleaning soap to get rid of the squeak. However, for dolls that have fragile skin, the use of strong detergents won't do the trick!


The lack of oil on the skin could make it easier to be scratched. Cleansers may cause skin to break or melt in extreme cases. If you want to clean the doll, it's recommended to use a mild acid shower gel that's gentle for human skin. It isn't advisable to scrub too often initially, so it's okay to wash your doll periodically with shower gel for instance, the time there is dirt you are truly concerned about.

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