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The material used in the sex doll is an important component in the design of the flat chested sex doll. The doll should appear and feel real and human-like. In this instance the two most popular materials are silicone and TPE. Of the two options, silicone is the most suitable option. Dolls made of silicone feel more real in comparison to TPE dolls. Also unlike TPE, silicone is not porous that makes it cleanable and safe for the body. Contrarily TPE is porous, and can harbor bacteria. If you are looking for the absolute safety of your body then you should choose the silicone doll.


Make sure that the chosen sex model is made with medical-grade macro-molecules of the highest quality. This is not only the highest quality but also one that is platinum-cured. What is the significance of curing with platinum? It's because a platinum-cured silicon mini sex doll is protected from the possibility of oil spilling out from the skin after a couple of years of usage. It's not possible to do that for dolls that aren't treated using platinum.


Don't be sloppy


Sexy dolls are available in a variety of price ranges. However, if you truly need the most satisfying experiences, don't in a hurry with the cost. High-quality does not come cheap. Similar to high-end sex, top quality dolls are likely to cost an astronomical price, which is something should be a priority to consider investing in. If the top-quality models aren't affordable for you, choose the mid-priced models. Don't purchase anything priced below $1200.


It is important to remember that cheap dolls will not last for long. They're not supported by an incredibly solid skeleton, and consequently typically end up with loose parts after a certain amount of time. In addition, the very cheap dolls may not offer a real-life feel that makes it impossible to experience a authentic experience. If you aren't able to afford even a mid-priced doll right now begin saving up and purchase within a couple of months. The doll you choose to purchase will be worth every cent.


Strong skeleton


Your doll must be equipped with a sturdy and durable skeleton, so you won't face loose joins after just a little time.


Opt for the torso


If a high-end, complete realistic sex dolls for sex is too expensive for you at the moment You can look at body parts of sex dolls. In this scenario you'll only find the torso that starts from neck and ending at the vagina for male sex dolls, starting from the neck to penis. The models do not have a facial features or limbs. They can cost more than normal inexpensive sex dolls, but are usually less expensive than full-sex models that are luxurious. If you're okay with being a sexy or cuddling the doll without worrying about the other body parts You can give these models for torso a go.

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