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There are two types of heating systems: a built-in heating system and a heating rod. For the built-in heating system, the doll is heated by connecting the power supply like an electric blanket. The voltages are different in different countries, such as 120V in the United States and 220V in China. Therefore, the voltage of the doll's heating system will be modified according to the customer's country/region. The heating rod is designed to insert into the doll's vagina, and you will feel warm when having sex with the sex doll. Among the two options, the built-in heating system is better than the heating rod, which will give your doll a real "body temperature"! Skeleton Articulated joint. The articulated joint is the default option, where two bones are connected by one screw. Gear joint. As the articulation of the human body, the gear joint is more flexible. The doll equipped with a gear joint can shrug and squat. It also solves the tearing problem of the doll's skin. Special adjustment.

The skeleton of teen sex doll can be modified according to the customer's specific requirements. For example, the knees can bend back and forth, and the arms can rotate 360 degrees. However, very few manufacturers offer this option due to the complicated design and high cost. Breast type There are many details to consider when comes to breast customization, such as big boobs, small breasts, huge breasts, flat chest, hollow breast, solid breast, and nipple colors. Next, I will walk you through it in detail. Options for big boobs, small breasts, huge breasts, and flat chests. Choose your preferred breast type.

Big ones have a better feeling when shaking them, and small ones are more attractive.Options for hollow breast and solid breast. Hollow breasts are softer; however, the solid breasts have a better feeling when shaking them. Nipple color. Most manufacturers offer the colors same as the skin, such as pink, light brown, and dark brown. Of course, you can request different colors, such as red, black, purple. I believe that the special color will make your flat chested sex doll unique! Height A lot of manufacturers don't have options in height. But many customers have such requirements. For example, aldoll had a customer who wanted to increase the height of a doll from 160cm to 170cm and keep everything else the same. Moreover, different heights mean different weights. It may be good for different buyers who have requirements on the weights and mobility.

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