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Be aware that TPE is soft and absorbent. Make sure it is clean and treat it with care - make use of common sense. However Here are some most common mistakes to be aware of:


Do not put the flat chest sex doll on the floor, particularly on carpet. If your flooring is not just as tidy as your mattress, your doll will soon be covered in dust hair, lint, hair, and other debris that may be in the floor. Gross. You'll be washing the doll from head to toe in baby oil, without doubt. We strongly suggest to keep the doll in the bed, or even in a container for storage That's it.


DARK ITEMS WILL RETAIN the cheap sex doll. Keep in mind that TPE is abrasive. Anything that is dark and comes in interaction with the doll can leave a mark that won't emerge. As an example, I've witnessed people staining the doll using the following methods:


Dressing the doll with vinyl or black leather and then putting them up for the night.


The doll is sitting on a dark couch.


The doll is placed on the magazine's top.


We suggest that when you dress the mini sex doll , make use of cotton that is lightly colored. If you choose to use darker fabrics then don't store the doll with clothes on. Remove off the clothes when you're finished.



Take care with your face and hands. The face is delicate with parts like eyelashes, makeup and the like take it in diligence and it will appear more attractive, and last longer. The wrists and hands aren't meant to support the weight of a person and can become twisted when you switch positions of the teen sex doll. If you are changing positions, you must be aware of your hands and move them away from the way, and ensure not to place them under the doll, because if they become twisted to a certain extent, the wrist may be able to pop off the socket, or wires could poke through the fingers.


At some point, based on the care you give your doll, you might be in need of minor repairs. If this is the case, don't hesitate to send us a message and, if we can, we'll suggest a repair method.



We want all our customers to have fun with their dolls the longest time possible and therefore, please ensure the safety of your investment!

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