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You having a sex doll should sound reasonable to your wife: don't make your reason for having a sex doll sound like something has been lacking in her. Be extremely careful, don't let the truth her be blunt, rather let it be shaped into a version that won't cause a damage but sound like a reasonable affair. Here are a few examples that might be helpful or help you gain perspective:"I got it as a gift from a friend, out of curiosity I tried once and it felt good. I just wanted to be honest to you about it.""part of the survey, I was asked to try, to be honest it felt great."Try not to bring up any reason that might sound strange, tone up your own reason in a way that it should sound casual, its not that you should have to lie, its just that some people need more time to be accept. Don't over think: overthinking will make you sound weird & creepy, exactly what you want to avoid.

Rather, sound easy going, in the end it is a sex toy and not that you are having an affair. Do not prolong your initial conversation around it, just move on by brushing on the topic. Takes owners: in the end when it comes to a hearty conversation, as casual as you may sound about having a flat chested sex doll to your partner, also tell her that it is your decision based upon the fact that you are able to draw fun out of the experience.

Go a step ahead and suggest her that, she can try it too as it is a lot fun. Own it up in a way that sounds you enjoy the experience by not belittling your partner in anyway, this can possibly get her involved too in the experience. Introducing your sex doll: this is where we plan to get right?

As time comes when finally, your partner is ready and asks you to make her see the sex doll, you want to do it in a way, maintaining the over all built up 'casual'. Definitely, don't have the doll all dressed up, rather have the teen sex doll disconnected in parts. Your partner should get the feeling that it is a lifeless object and not a 'competition' Do not tell your wife that the doll has a name right in the first meeting, also let your wife get the feel that the doll has not been used in a long time, this is the perfect set up that you can create to introduce your wife to your mini sex doll.

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