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Safety is the main concern when using a mini sex doll for sexual intercourse. You cannot afford to have your sex dolls infected or contract sexually transmitted disease for more than a few hours. It is crucial to remember these safety tips if you're a sex-doll buyer. Scroll down to see the most important tips.


After each use, clean the sex doll


Although it is a standard practice in hygiene, many buyers don't know how to clean the doll after having sex. Your doll will attract all the dirt and dust that she can while sitting in her chair. This is how bacteria can grow in her body. If you don't clean her after use, bacteria can infect your body and cause many diseases. You also expose the doll to bacteria and viruses if you don't clean it after each use.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals


Cleaning the doll after intercourse is important, as we have already stated. It is important to know how to clean it. Use warm water, soaps that are not chemical and non-toxic shampoos. It is possible to ruin the doll's skin by having sex with an adult doll.


Pay Attention to the Orifices


You must clean your orifices very well. You will be able to see inside the doll whenever you use it. It is important that you keep the orifices clean and tidy. You should not allow bacteria to build up on the doll. This could directly impact your health.


Don't share your cheap sex doll with anyone


You've probably heard that a towel should never be shared with anyone, not even his beloved one. You should not share your doll with anyone, even your loved one. You may not take the same care of your doll as you do. He might not wash her as often. You don't want to be at risk for bacteria and diseases.


Use a condom


Use a condom when you have sex with a realistic sex doll that is solid and life-size in Atlanta. A condom can be worn while you have sex in Atlanta with a real girl to protect you from STIs and other unwanted pregnancy problems. If you're a person who is comfortable sharing your doll with others then a condom should be worn. Although you might not be able to get the real feel, prevention is better than treatment.


Keep the doll in a dry and cool place


Do not store your doll in a damp area. They will be more comfortable if they are kept in a cool place than in a warm one. This is why you should keep these things in mind when shopping for a new Georgia sex doll.


These safety tips will be your friend. These safety tips will allow you to have a wonderful sexual experience and prevent you from falling prey to sexually transmitted diseases. What are you waiting to do? Get a doll now, enjoy it, and remember these tips.

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