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The story is part of the new Channel 4 documentary which also has an British man who, for the majority of the year is living with his wife, but each summer, he goes to an apartment in south France where he can indulge his fun side with Chloe the sex doll.


He added: "If men can indulge then the wife's future is much more secure."


Instead of using technology, Chloe is transformed by photography. He stated: " I know what I can do is take a set of photos and tell an account of her daily life.


"Chloe keeps my mind from wandering as cheap sex dolls indicates that I'm not associated with other women except my wife.


"It's sad to see how relationships of a decade or couple of decades have become stale that doesn't mean love has broken down it juts means there is a element of fantasy that needs to be fed."


Then back in California James goes to meet the original Harmony who has an Scottish accent.


He is elated when she sings Michael Jackson song Thriller and gives him an amusing joke.Things become more raunchy direction after she questions him to sex, and adds: "Are you really going to let me watch you jerking off, shoot your load for me baby, I want it so bad."


James declared: "It's going to bring mini sex dolls out of closets and out into the open and leave them in the closet.


"I am extremely enthusiastic about the functions of the robot.


"The capability to reply or wink back at you, god is the only way to know if someone can smile in your direction, it is awe-inspiring.


"I might not be able to afford one but I'll keep saving."

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