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You can use the size chart to measure your doll if you're concerned about buying clothes that don't fit. You should be cautious when choosing the fabric of the clothes that you purchase. Defective clothing can cause skin irritations or even contaminate mini sex doll's sensitive skin.


You should also spend lots of time selecting the clothes for your japanese sex doll. Also, you should spend a lot of time choosing clothes to ensure that everything matches.


Fashion design for sexy dolls


1. Closed-fitting Clothing


For a real sex doll, it's easy to put on simple tights. These clothes are suitable for all sex dolls.


Your sex doll can wear bright underpants that match their tights. Lighter, high-quality tights are a good choice if you plan to sleep with your doll.


2. Combination of skirt and shirt


Do you want to find a girl student who will help you find your doll? All you need is a colorful plaid skirt with a simple shirt and a headband. To complete the look, you can make your sexy doll wear stockings rather than underwear.


A combination of a plain plaid skirt and a pleated button long-sleeve shirt can completely transform the appearance of your doll. You can experiment with clothes to make any doll you like.


3. Combination of a skirt and a T-shirt


This combination is the most popular type of sex doll. Many cheap sex dolls owners allow their sex toys to wear short skirts and T shirts. This style is a great option for doll owners. To make your doll more attractive, you can use sexy stockings or underwear. Low-rise skirts and T shirts are a popular choice for sexy dolls.


4. Pajamas


Pajamas are a great gift for someone who loves to have sexy dolls at night. Your doll will look more attractive if you buy her high-quality pajamas or underwear. These pajamas will also make your life much easier as they are very easy to put on. It is easy to put on and take off. Pajamas can also be used to make real love dolls.


5. Elegant lace dress


This type of clothing will make your doll appear simple and elegant. Your teen sex doll will look stunning in a high-quality lace skirt with a pleated skirt. Your doll will look more attractive with the lace pattern at her top. This type of clothing is also easy to find. You can order these clothes on Etsy and eBay. It's obvious that your doll will look charming when she is dressed in a sexy, lace-trimmed skirt.


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