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The skeleton is a refined metal beneath the soft TPE or the silicone skin of your cheap sex dolls. This allows you to place your love-doll in various postures, and she could even hold while having sexual sex. But, of course, you cannot observe the skeleton's strength through the outer.


The articulation and positions that your beloved doll can adopt are essential to have a realistic sexual relationship with your loved one. The "Shrug Skeleton" is a fantastic upgrade that expands the range of motion for your beloved doll. motion . It also lets you lift her shoulders for instance.


If you're looking to experience all of your favourite positions with your mini sex doll you must select this specially designed skeleton when placing an order. Since the posture is natural as well as the acceptance of various poses and postures makes sex with an anime sex doll more real!




Before starting making plans, keep in mind that the ambiance isn't completely unimportant.A dark room, dim lighting and your preferred music makes every night spent with your own doll special and memorable.


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