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It's tempting just to ask your partner. It's important not to treat it like a job interview. You can have a conversation about your fantasies, and then turn on to gather valuable information without disclosing the details. Bonus points if you do this in your bedroom.

Make it a joint project

Okay, telling someone that you would like to purchase a cheap sex doll for a gift is a bit of a game. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't share the project. This could be an incredibly sensual, highly erotic experience. Imagine yourself scrolling through the catalog, looking at each doll individually, and debating which doll Kristen, Coraline, or Elena are your favorites. Then, you can choose your ideal breast size, select the best nipples, and the hottest bikini wax. This could be a collaborative project that really raises the temperature.

If you travel long distance, be prepared to crank up the heat

Gift giving can be difficult if you live far away. However, the excitement of a silicone sex doll arriving at your door can make it all worthwhile. With a little planning ahead, you can create the anticipation and enjoy the moment. This will ensure that it is the best gift they have ever received.

Be creative. Do they have a favorite piece of clothing or lingerie that you would love to wear? Send one to their address if so. Tell them what's coming. Make sure you have Skype or Facetime set up so that you can be on video when the doll arrives. Turn up the heat. Prepare with anything you would like to say, do, or request that they do. Give them instructions on how to dress the teen sex doll. To increase the fun, draw it. Once they are done, let them relax and enjoy their gift.

Accessories are important!

Although good hygiene may not seem very sexy, a little planning ahead on cleaning and accessories will ensure that your gift recipient can enjoy their sex doll gifts to the fullest.

To really enjoy the experience, you can also throw in a bottle water-based lube. It should be water-based to ensure it doesn't damage the doll's silicone skin or TPE.

Then, consider accessories. A pre-lubricated insert for the vagina is a great option if your recipient doesn't like to plan. Our vagina heating rod can heat your doll's anus or vagina for pure pleasure. Unadulterated. Bliss.

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