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A lot of customers have asked us how to take off makeup from TPE dolls and change their appearance. Today, we've created an sex doll makeup removal guide to help you to follow. This guide will help you'll be able to take off the makeup from your doll in a safe method.


What are the best preparations for removal of makeup?


TPE-Safe Makeup Remover


Cotton pads for makeup


Baby Powder


Headstand Holder




A Soft Cloth


Warm Water


Now, let's get started step by step!


Step 1: Remove your doll's head off and place it on your headstand.


The procedure will take around an hour, which is why it's important to make sure that your doll is easy to reach.


Step 2: Take off the eyes and wigs.


Gently pull the lower eyelid of the doll down and then insert a tweezer into the eye's cavity to take out the eyeball. The eyes of the cheap sex dolls are hollow and hemispherical. you can easily take off the eyeball using your thumb.


The removal of the eyeballs could help protect your eyes from getting soiled by makeup.


Step 3. Apply TPE-Safe makeup remover.


The cotton pad, soaked with makeup remover onto your doll's face and leave it for couple of seconds, then gently remove the makeup using it.


Make sure you replace the cotton pads with a saturated coating immediately. In the event that a cotton pad is not replaced, it could be coated with makeup can spread the makeup residue on the doll's face.


The TPE japanese sex doll has an even complexion , and there are no flaws to cover thus there's no foundation visible on her face. It is all you have to do is focus on removing your eye shadow as well as lipstick, blush, and eye shadow.


Tips: Eyeliners and eyelashes make up the majority of makeup products, therefore it's not necessary to remove them unless it is absolutely necessary.


Step 4: Cleanse the sex doll's face, then let it dry.


When the makeup removal is completed, wash her face using a soft clean cloth with warm water.


The 5th step is to apply the the appropriate quantity of baby powder on the face of your teen sex doll.


To date, all work involved in removing makeup is completed. Now your mini sex doll has returned to her original appearance and is ready to accept her new look!


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