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Congratulations! You are now the lucky owner of a cool adorable new love-toy! A modern adult female sexual sex model can be fantastic fun however it comes with the not-so-great adult task of the decision of the best place to put it and where to keep the mini sex doll.


Why Do You Hide Your Sex Dolls?


Some of your friends might find these people a bit odd or embarrassing and your spouse could be a bit irritated by their partner's actions. This is among the reasons that people must keep their silicone sex dolls away from their homes away from the prying eyes of others. Furthermore, when they are they are not being used the love doll could be susceptible to contamination by dust and bacteria that circulate in the air if not kept in a safe place. We offer effective storage strategies to protect your sex dolls' real identities.


Store Your Love Doll Vertically


If you are limited in space in your home, and you don't want scratching your doll, it is possible to keep your dolls in a vertical position. I will explain the particular method.


1. Sex Doll Hanger


I thought it was the ideal storage option since the life-like flat chest sex dolls are also displayed in the warehouse of the manufacturer. They are able to put your  doll away in a safe manner without causing damage or defects to the doll.


It is hung in a straight position, so it isn't touching any surfaces. Since it's hanging in the open and in the view of everyone that's why you'll need an additional space or a storage space that is specialized.


2. Cabinet Hanging


This is made to hold your beloved teen sex doll. It requires you to remove the head and then use a hook to hang your doll in the air, away from other surfaces. You will then hang your head with a secure hook until you're ready reconnect it and play with your curvy dolls.


This is more convenient than hanging clothes on a hanger, as it can be put on your dresser and hide it behind clothes to keep it out of the view. To prevent stains and dents on the body's soft skin ensure that it's not laying upon hard floors or in brightly colored clothes.


3. Head Frame


It's an excellent method to keep your sex dolls but it's not a way to conceal it. Since you'll be disconnection the head, you can place your head on the chair, and place upon a smooth surface, such as tables. You could also place the doll's head in the closet so that it remains secure. In the end, if you walk into a space and find a head that looks like a human lying on top of an unfinished table, it's scary.

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