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Who created sex dolls that were sexually sexy? Who created inflatable dolls for sexual arousal? Did it come from German, American or Japanese. Let's go over the background of the business of hot dolls for sex.


Sex dolls' usage goes to more than 100 years in the historical. The first inflatable sex dolls came into use in the war that fought between Germany during the 1930s, and Japan in the latter part of the 1930s. They were primarily to be used in military operations. They were introduced during the Second World War, in an effort to stop German troops from engaging in sexual harassment against women of "non-Aryan descent" and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses within the Nazi army, Hitler appointed the commander of the SS, Himmler, who designed the sex model that had realistic female anatomy that could be inflated. The specifications for the first sex doll to be inflatable are very specific. The doll has to have all the attractive sexual appearances that young girls are able to have, including fair eyes, skin blue gold hair, the height of 176 centimeters (5'9 inches) in height, with sensual lips and full breasts. Additionally, on the Nazi front during the war, the Japanese army that also filled the submarines of its troops with inflatable dolls.


In the Vietnam War, the US army also produced inflatable dolls to aid frontline soldiers. Although no one has the definitive answer on who was the first to create a dolls for sex, or who designed one of the first sexually explicit dolls, is evident the inflatable dolls first focused on the military crowd.


In the 1950s, flat chest sex doll commercially readily available throughout Germany in the form of sexually explicit toys. The same period, Japan used public funds to produce a premium sexually explicit mini sex doll called "Antarctic No. 1" to meet the physical demands of its Antarctic Expedition team. In the 1970s, inflatable sex dolls became popular in Japan. They were first introduced to the market. were offered to the market. The full size dolls were known as inflatable dolls or blow-up doll due to the fact that the manufacturers usually used inflatable designs.


Nowadays, life-like sex dolls are made from materials with shape memory which give them real-looking human-like skin and tones. Modern cheap sex dolls come with Spherical joints that permit numerous actions. Most realistic dolls produced by WM dolls and Irontech dolls look very like human companions, specifically when it comes to sikon dolls. If you were interested in knowing the dolls made by sex and which companies produced dolls that were sex in the past and the list would consist of various brands of sex dolls, including WM Doll, Irontech, ALDOLL and QIDOLL.

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