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Silicone is a common polymer material used in items that must be kept sterile such as medical implants. It retains its original form and can withstand high pressure. It is non-porous and easy to clean. The problem with silicone sex dolls? Their high price! The price ranges from $2,000 to $6,000 and if that isn't bad enough, your breasts and hips won't move! Silicone is not as soft as the silicone and it is less durable than the others. These functions are also created by the baby carrier.


High-quality TPE sex doll. Big breasts and big ass. Her dazzling body is begging for your touch, but it can take a while. It is a beautiful sight to see her big thighs and powerful sexes, especially when you are filming from behind. The soft TPE material, which is made from soft, flexible material, provides the long-awaited jumping power for the big booty sex doll. It swings with the rhythm of the backstroke. Although her big abs and big boobs make headlines, her innocent, dark brown face is what fascinates her. You will be taken on an exciting journey by her charming eyes and shiny chocolate lips.


We weren't prepared to buy a tpe sex doll the first time. It is often overlooked how important sex can be for our mental health. Human instincts tell us that sex is necessary for more than just reproduction. This isn't temporary happiness. Sex is about the connection you have with others. Intimacy is not the goal of sex. This is more than a sexual desire. This is made stronger by sex. People who live a sexy life are more vibrant than others. They feel like they are in another world.



I haven’t done any research so I only see what I see in various forums. This forum allows male and female realistic sex dolls to share their experiences with custom sex doll maintenance, upgrades. Photos, stories, and outdoor adventures are all welcome. It was not clear what was said. The so-called experts claim that we hate women in general. What is anorexia? Let's take a latex doll and use it as an example. I must admit that I am still learning to accept the intrusions into my life. It is made from a different material than the wives of Dutchmen.




The wig should be removed from the WM doll. This will make it easier to brush your teeth, and also protects the doll's skin against possible damage. The wig can be soaked in water just like a regular beautician. It can be easier to comb your hair if you wet your hair with water. This operation is easy with a spray bottle, but not necessary. Polish the wig and gently remove any tangles around the edges. Next, comb the hair upwards. Don't force the hair into the knot. It might be torn. You can loosen the knot by swiping with your finger.



Now that the manufacturer has mastered how to combine them, you will see a soft TPE body with a realistic silicone head. You can embed the silicone head in hair or other details. Doll makeup lasts a long time. Silicone is used in most of the avatars and masks featured in the blockbuster. Combining the two can give you softness where details are needed and softness when you need it. You can also see the sensors on sex dolls at the Shanghai Adult Products Fair, April. These sensors can detect human touch and emit the appropriate sounds.

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