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Skin of Clean Love Doll


To get rid of dust, cleanse your skin using the warm tower of water. No matter if your mini sex doll is made from either silicone or TPE. She does not like moisture. Do not get your skin wet. After cleansing your surface, pat it dry using another towel.


Silicone (or TPE) big booty sex doll make oils that are sometimes evident on the skin of the cheap sex dolls. It's totally natural and all you have to do is clean it off using the help of a towel.


Dolls with Clean Sex Vagina


If the vagina of your beloved doll is intact, apply warm gloves to perform sexual anal opening. Also, you can use a small towel to get rid of the moisture. Make sure you take care to clean these holes, particularly when you are using lubricants in your intercourse. However the skin on our authentic ALDOLL teen sex doll is so soft that we don't have to apply any lubricants.


If the vagina of the sex doll is easily removable (insert the type) take it off which is easily cleaned in the basin.


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