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1. Weighing: Inflatable teen sex dolls are usually between 1 and 7 kilograms in weight. Solid silicone sex dolls can be extremely heavy and weigh tens to hundreds of kilograms. However, the price is high.


2. To be used, inflatable sex dolls must be inflated. They are easy to transport and small when they are not inflated. Inflatable sex dolls come with pumps. Some inflatable sex toys can be blown by the mouth.


3. Material: Each inflatable sexy doll's skin is made from PVC material. It will be thinner than the other inflatable sexy dolls, and it will also have a different price.


Smell: A genuine mini sex doll does not have a special or plastic smell. Poor quality sex dolls will emit a plastic smell. Ask the seller about the quality and smell of the product before you buy. This problem will not be present in inflatable sex dolls.


5. Price: This price is determined by the sex doll's weight, quality of workmanship and brand. Inflatable sex toys in China can be purchased for between 20 and 200 dollars. However, inflatable sex toys in Japan are available for purchase at least 300 dollars. The price of a TPE or solid silicone sex doll can run into the thousands. The whole-body solid silicone sex doll is not accepted by the majority of Chinese consumers.


6. Size: The inflatable sex doll is small in size. High-end inflatable dolls have a solid head and three-dimensional breasts that do not require inflating. There are also palm and sole designs available, but they still need to be inflated.


7. Vital organs: Inflatable sex dolls can only be used for their private parts. There are multiple channels, including double-channels, single-channel, and large single-channels.


8. You should be cautious not to fall for the trap: Inflatable cheap sex dolls can be found on websites that look very real and cost around $100. To avoid inconsistencies between purchased objects and photos, it is possible that photos of inflatable sex toys are replaced with photos of TPE or high-simulation silicone sex dolls. Due to material and cost limitations, inflatable sex dolls can't have such realistic appearances. Solid silicone sex dolls are expensive. The seller claims that the doll is a silicone sex doll, but it only sells for a few hundreds dollars. You must be careful not to fall for this scam.

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