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Tip #1 Tip #1: Use a soft cloth


Check that your mini sex doll's holes are large enough to fit the soft microfiber or cloth towel. Your fingers will become your most trusted companions in getting to the deepest parts. Then repeat the process until drying process is completed. Be sure to not use any kind of force, or material that is abrasive to avoid any discomfort. It is best to gently massage and caress like an actual woman.


Tip #2 Tip #3: Make use of an absorbent bag


To ensure that any moisture that may be present in the anus or vagina has gone Another option is to place a moisture absorption bag within the orifice. The price for this item is minimal and can keep your model's orifices clean and clear.


Tip #3 Tip #3: Use a sexy toy that is able to absorb water.


It is more costly, yet still efficient, the cheap sex doll is an absorbent stick. Most often used to dry vagina, masturbator or the torso of a bbw sex doll's orifices. the absorbent stick could be employed to dry a lover toy's anus, vagina. With using this stick, you don't put your teen sex doll's skin at risk by rubs.


It is made from diatomaceous earth (white powder made up of 80 to 90 minerals silica) This stick can absorb 150 percent of its weight in liquid. It is more expensive, but this stick could (once dried) be used multiple times.


Tip #4, extremely efficient: Make use of feminine Tampons


An effective , yet undiscovered method is to use an oblique female Tampon. It is suggested to use it after sexual activity to allow for the immediate absorption of the bulk of organic matter and the lubricant. It lets you take a breather while the tampon takes action (20 or 30 to 60 minutes).


After removing the tampon after which you can clean the area with soapy water, and then follow our tips #1 #2, #3, or #4. Drying can be completed by putting three or two pads into the holes. It will take about 20 minutes to soak up all the water that has accumulated. After the tampons have been filled all you need to do is ensure that everything is completely dry. If this is not the case, you are free to try again.



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