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There are many amazing things to experience in Europe and far from the United States, many of Europe's most sought-after destinations for vacation are in Europe. This is one such place that within Berlin, Germany, there is an uncle. He is aged 40, the name of his uncle is Dirk. He has a particular "wife" Jenny and they have been together for nearly four years. It was a wild idea in the early days considering that the country was Europe and was referred to as an open and developed country.


Dirk's "her" wife is special as it's not real, it is a life-like, highly realistic sex doll that Dirk has spent a significant amount of time purchasing for the sum of 6,000 euros (about 47,000 dollars). You think you can get Jenny's wife? This is true love. The divorced man and his lifelike wife doll are deceitful.


German journalists are wired by cheap sex dolls made of silicone


German journalist Sandra and Dirk were introduced through an exchange site online. After discovering his relationship with the silicone mini sex doll spouse Sandra took the initiative to interview him, capturing Dirk's "life" and the silicone real doll's "wife." In first, Dirk was sometimes very cautious, and did not want to let anyone else discuss his life because he was afraid that the secret between his wife and him would be revealed by others and others would say Dirk was crazy. After they had spoken, Dirk agreed to be interviewed, but was asked not to be present with his wife, and to mention their real names.


The truth was that prior to Drake's marriage, it was not a good one. He had a son with his ex-wife. However, due to his low-profile and a variety of personality traits, he was divorced. His ex-wife continued to be with him and had children. , Dirk has come out of this marriage that was not a good one in a state of disarray, not able to enter into any new relationships.


He later realized he had purchased "Jenny" wife silicone anime sex doll. He was blessed to have met "her", they were very content and never had a dispute over chores. Dirk finds out later that he is in love with Jenny more, and decides to wed Jenny to establish a relationship. He then secretly marries at home. Dirk admitted that he was scared of being lonely, but Jenny could be with him at ease and he loved the quiet lifestyle.


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