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Basic description


A hanging stand can be among the most practical tools for storing mini sex doll items. The hanging of the dolls will prevent the skin material damages caused by extrusion that takes a long time and also reduce space. ALDOLL's stand for hanging has three elements: (1) the lower part, which has casters that allow for movement, (2) the middle component for fixing and connecting the hooks, as well as (3) the top portion that connects hooks. Its length on the bottom component is adjustable according to how much weight the cheap sex dolls weighs (adjustable up to 15 cm) The height of the higher component is adjustable by how tall the doll is (between 100cm and the maximum of 190cm). The maximum capacity for load on the stand's hanging mechanism is 80kg.



2. Installation Instructions


a. Bottom stand (including four pieces) Two iron rods (long) and two rods of iron (short)


Put two of the casters (use one caster that has locks and one without) on the other end of the two iron rods.


Long iron rod is equipped with features that can be adjusted, and consists in two parts (connected with two screws in white). To adjust and even out to the body weight the rods of iron long can be adjusted to different sizes (adjustable by up to 15cm). If the doll is lighter the rods that are adjustable should be cut shorter, while for heavier dolls the adjustable rods must be extended in order to adjust to the weight. After tightening and adjusting screws, connect two casters on the iron rods that are long (use one caster equipped with locks and one without a locking switch).).



After you have assembled the four rods of iron, connect them to the center piece and place them in the four holes. Secure using silver screws.



As illustrated in the picture following installation:


b. In the center of the stand middle part's handle (metal column) should be on to the same side as the iron rods that are shorter of the stand's bottom. The four holes on the middle section with the four holes on the stand at the bottom, and attach them with blue screws.



C. The upper portion of the stand. The hook must face to the same side as the iron rods on the bottom of the stand (as illustrated in the image below). The upper part of the stand can be adjusted to match the size of the doll (range between 100cm-190cm). Once you've confirmed the height, screw on the screws and close the handle to complete the stand.



Other instructions and other activities


Method of rolling: Once you have hung your teen sex doll on the wall, the most effective method of rolling is to roll backward using both hands below your weight limits. Do not push forward. Be aware that the stand rod could break because of the load of the doll and the force it exerts. (Video position 5:42) Capacity of Load It is common that the pole will be bent slightly when the doll is placed upon the stands. The maximum capacity for load on the pole is 80 kg. Locking Casters: After you've determined the position of the flat chest sex doll and you are able to turn the switch on the opposite side of the casters in order to stop the wheel from rolling. The switch for locking is between the two wheels in the opposite side. If the locking mechanism is activated the stand will be fixed and can't be moved.

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