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Does your brand new real mini sex doll smell? Don't panic! The smell is completely natural and originates from the odors created during the process of manufacturing (odors that are caused by paint or the plastic that is a result of the makeup process and the final work by the artists) and also the plastic and the protective layers that are placed around the love doll after it was delivered. The good news is that this can be reversed and can be cured with the first wash. We encourage all of our customers to conduct this first wash when they receive their doll. Then you will be able to start off on the right track with your lovely bbw sex doll.


A TPE that is of high quality is a substance that is known to be non-odorous. I use the term "quality" because not all TPEs are the same. Every manufacturer has its own quality criteria and formula. Be assured that this is true for all of the cheap sex dolls we sell through our catalogue.


If you're wondering how you could get the same model for half the cost on a marketplace or an online site of a competitor Look at the following. There is a good chance your doll purchased is not a genuine replica of the model shown here. It is an imitation, with all the dangers it poses in terms of quality and finish, as well as realism, but as well as health. The objective is to minimize costs to the minimum the TPE used create this kind of sexdoll comes from an old recycled TPE that will break extremely quickly, and will tear the moment you rub it and then release a stench. This cleaning guide is not appropriate suitable for this kind of doll. If you have any concerns about them, I suggest that you contact the retailer selling this kind of readoll. They are the only one to provide a response regarding the quality of the dolls that is sold.


After that, let's proceed to the easy and effective method of removing the fresh scent from your sexy doll.




If your realistic sex doll comes with the option of hyper-realistic paint It is washed prior to use. You are able to avoid washing, which could strip away its real-looking paint.


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