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One thing I know is that this anime sex doll was exactly the one I wanted. She is tall, blonde, athletic, realistic, and very real. She was also reasonably priced. She was very affordable and ticked all the boxes.


The First Week


I made a promise to myself that I would buy a sex doll for companionship, rather than as a simple toy. I made a promise to myself that no matter how stupid I felt, I would embrace my sexy doll as a companion.


Do I really feel less lonely owning a mini sex doll? - Sex Dolls for Loneliness – cheap sex doll as companions




It was strange at first to come home from work. Lindsie would sit on my couch exactly as I left her. I would pretend that she was asking me about my day and make an effort to answer. It was obvious and I still felt lonely after the first few days.


But, I realized something when I was watching Netflix with Lindsie on the weekend. I felt less lonely having her there. It was actually me spending time with someone, and we were watching Netflix and having some chill time. It was truly the most bizarre thing. Yes, Lindsie was a simple sex toy. However, I felt like another person was with me. Maybe it was because she is so real. I don't know the answer. I know that I felt a strange comfort in having her around me.


Next, what happened?


Over the months and weeks that followed, I tried to do more with Lindsie. I didn't take her to the bar or take her on romantic walks. I did however watch more movies and TV with her. Not only did I spend time talking to her, but she also pretends that she was talking back. They would eat together, cuddle, and sleep together. It was very similar to a relationship with an actual woman.


This may sound odd to some people, and I'm the first to admit it. It brought me comfort, helped with my loneliness, and even increased my confidence.

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